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Our Mission: At our core, we are driven by one singular mission: to provide you with the absolute best battery possible. Unlike our competitors, we don’t inflate our prices to account for an extensive marketing budget. Instead, we rely on the power of word-of-mouth. So we kindly ask you to share this site with others, allowing us to continue helping you and delivering on our promise of top-notch batteries.


  • We use EVE cells, A grade. We don’t just say “A grade”, every producer carries their version of A grade cells. EVE cells are a market leader in this area and their cost is reflected, cheaper option are out there.
  • We use Daly BMS (battery management System), another well-made leader in this field. The hardy construction enables the 200 continious amp battery to funtion.

There you have it… better components, better battery.

avoid common mistakes

  • Not enough AH (amp hours). Since lithium provides 2-3 times more run time than Lead Batteries, our 105 ah would be plenty if you were running typical lead batteries.
  • Not enough Continuous Amps. Many overlook this important factor, cutting costs by compromising on the electrical construction and BMS size. By choosing our batteries with higher continuous amps, you can minimize the risk of sudden shutdowns in critical situations.
  • Underperforming your golf cart. Don’t settle for underperforming your golf cart; our batteries are designed to deliver what it is capable of today and in the future.
  • Paying too much for less. At DB Power Source, you won’t have to pay exorbitant prices for inferior quality. We encourage you to explore the competition, compare prices, and make an informed decision.

Keep in mind, all lithium batteries are hero’s compared to lead batteries,  but not to each other. There is a difference in these boxes you cannot see inside.  

We hope our transparency helps earn your trust, in that we are a quality/value company, here to serve your battery solutions.

Things You Need to Know


DB Power Source is proud to offer lithium batteries that outperform lead batteries in terms of power, maintenance, and longevity. Our lithium batteries are built to meet your specific requirements, providing optimal performance for heavy amp draw situations.


That is the backbone of your battery, it determines how much power your battery can deliver with out shutting down. The heavier a battery is built, the more continious amps it can provide. If over-worked, the BMS will shut down the battery to protect its self, and you will be without power until reset.

  •  AH (amp hours) will determine the duration of time your battery will provide power before depleting itself.
  • Max amps is the highest amps the battery can provide, usually for short periods of time. Our 48v battery can deliver an impressive 600 amps for up to 3 seconds.

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